CS190J, Fall 2017


  • p01—Rey T.: Impact of Instructor Initiative on Student Learning: A Tutoring Study
  • p02—Ben Z.: Increasing Technical Excellence, Leadership and Commitment of Computing Students rough Identity-based Mentoring
  • p03—Navid S.: Tutoring for Retention
  • p04—Through the Looking Glass: Reflections on Using Undergraduate Teaching Assistants in CS1
  • p05—Claudia Z.:Using Undergraduate Teaching Assistants in a Small College Environment
  • p06—Bryan W.: Using Undergraduate Teaching Assistants in Small Classes
  • p07—Scaling Introductory Courses Using Undergraduate Teaching Assistants
  • p08—Taylor M.: Learning to Love Computer Science: Peer Leaders Gain Teaching Skill, Communicative Ability and Content Knowledge in the CS Classroom
  • p09—Koa S.: A Cascading Mentoring Pedagogy in a CS Service Learning Course to Broaden Participation and Perceptions
  • p10—tbd
  • p11—Madhu: A Case Study of the Development of CS Teaching Assistants and their Experiences with Team Teaching
  • p12—Undergraduate Consultation: Opportunities and Challenges
  • p13—Managing a Large Tertiary Computer Science Class
  • p14—Tutoring Model for Promoting Teaching Skills of Computer Science Prospective Teachers
  • p15—tbd
  • p16—tbd
  • p17—Joel B:Using Undergraduates As Teaching Assistants in Introductory Programming Courses: An Update on the Stanford Experience
  • p18—Meeting the Challenges of Rising Enrollments
  • p19—Using Undergraduate Teaching Assistants in Introductory Computer Courses
  • p20—tbd
  • p21—tbd
  • p22—tbd
  • p23—tbd
  • p24—tbd


num ready? description assigned due
h00 true Read a research Ed paper Thu 10/05 03:30PM Thu 10/26 03:30PM
h01 true Reflections on tutoring Thu 10/12 03:30PM Thu 10/26 03:30PM
h02 true Motivation in the college classroom Thu 10/26 03:30PM Thu 11/02 03:30PM
h03 true Final report Thu 11/30 03:30PM Thu 12/14 05:00PM


num date description
Lecture 1 Thu 09/28 Orientation to the course
Lecture 2 Thu 10/05 Course specific instructions
Lecture 3 Thu 10/12 Being a teaching professor
Lecture 4 Thu 10/19 Course specific preparation
Lecture 5 Thu 10/26 Motivation in the college classroom
Lecture 6 Thu 11/09 11/09
Lecture 7 Thu 11/16 11/16: Code Review, and Best Practices in CS ED
Lecture 8 Thu 11/16 Reflections on tutoring